A Happy New Year Of Authenticity!

04 Jan 2017

It is that time of year, the start of a new one, when you are maybe feeling a little less than perfect in your body.  Just remember, no body is perfect.  Thank God.

You wouldn’t guess it from the images thrown at us on social media and advertising.  But it is true.

But how you feel in your body is important.  Over Christmas it is a time to relax and indulge in things you wouldn’t normally perhaps.  As you may have put pressure on yourself during the year to eat properly and exercise regularly, it could feel like you’ve let yourself down.

Hopefully you don’t feel that way and are able to feel content that you’ve indulged to treat yourself  and have a good time, and accept that you it may take you a while to get back onto the “straight and narrow”, being gentle with yourself.

Personally, I feel more “rounded” and I translate that into feeling more feminine!  Even though my clothes may not be quite as “at ease” as usual,  I feel a sense of  “fruitfulness” (more full of chocolate and wine than fruit)!   Ok, yes, it may not feel much of a “happy place” or comfortable for many, but while your body is in this state of “expansion”, try changing your mindset towards it; don’t beat yourself up about it.  As Amanda de Cadenet said when she changed her mindset about her body, “these days I’d say if you want to eat the biscuit, eat the fucking biscuit”.  Quite.  Don’t punish yourself with self-flagellating, punishing gym schedules.  Don’t panic.  You will get there in time with picking up a more controlled regime of eating or healthy eating, and regular exercise. 

Embrace where you are, until you get to where you’d rather be (if it’s not conforming to some unachievable Ideal Body image).

In the meantime, enjoy your womanliness.  Dress it up lovingly.  And dress it up in a way which feels it is really you and comfortable for who you are.

I believe in styling a woman as she is in her body-shape (rather than as she hopes to be) and how and who she is as a person.  It is about Authenticity.  Optical illusions used in styling can come into play to make her feel better of course!

Whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy is good for you.  You will be more at ease in something which suits your body and personality.  Even a relaxed-fit can look elegant and attractive with the right accessories or attitude.

This concept of Authenticity is a growing trend which you may have been aware of much more recently in the media.

There are various movements promoting the idea of body- confidence worldwide.  One of these is the Body Image Movement led by Tanya Brumfitt who is taking a documentary about women accepting their bodies as are they are around the world. 

I have my ticket for the release of the film “Embrace” in the UK this month in London.   It will be inspiring and positive.  If you wanted to see the movie the link for tickets is Uk.demand.film/embrace.

Authenticity is supported more often in the fashion industry with “real” women as models, less photo-shopping and airbrushing; women who have dress sizes above size 6 or 8 (UK) and women who are over 30 years-old, and over 70! 

2017 is a reason to celebrate and nurture this new, growing movement which empowers women to be themselves.