Speaking Events

31 August

HOW WHAT YOU WEAR REPRESENTS YOUR BRAND:  If you are a woman in business you may not be aware how much the clothes you wear say so much about you and your business and can make the difference between winning or losing business and attracting the clients you want.  During this talk Sarah will deliver valuable tips  and explain the subtle messages being transmitted by your clothes.

RELEASING YOUR INNER GODDESS:  How can your clothes get you in touch with your femininity and the impact that has on your work and personal life?  How can the power of colour be harnessed to express femininity, and what do our clothing choices indicate to the outside world?  Sarah addresses and explores these concepts in an engaging presentation with a sense of fun.

THE THERAPEUTIC EFFECT OF CLOTHES:  Sarah has presented on this topic at events representing Health and Wellbeing businesses.  She explores the power that clothes have on our sense of vitality, wellbeing and happiness.

“Sarah has kindly become part of The Westminster Physiotherapy and Pilates Centre's Wellness programme and has presented some highly informative, stylish and extrememly polished talks.  Those attending found the information given very useful and I know that some of our clients have put the advice into practice and noticed some positive results!"

Clare Fone, Head of WPPC Practice.  

FINDING YOUR STYLE:  Sarah has presented on this topic to groups of girls in Years 11-13 who are about to or have entered uniform-free years at school, about to leave, or start attending interviews.  She takes a body-positive approach and promotes the idea that authentic-dressing is the most effective way to dress, referencing the false images presented in media/celebrity culture and the damaging effect they have, how to feel empowered by ones natural size and shape and suggesting ideas for successful interview-style.

“Sarah visited the Sixth Form Centre at St Mary’s School, Cambridge during the Year 11 Transition Day.  She delivered an empowering presentation on “Finding Your Style” in a very engaging manner.  Her talk, accompanied by interesting and motivational slides, resonated well with her audience of Year 11 girls on the cusp of moving from the Senior School to the Sixth Form.  Sarah equipped the pupils with tools to build their body confidence as well as knowledge about how much power appropriate clothing can have.  She was also keen to answer questions from the audience in an informative yet relaxed way, which those listening to her appreciated and enjoyed”

Dr J Skrzypek, Deputy Head of Sixth Form.

"Sarah was a consummate professional in her planning and preparation for the 'Dressing With Confidence' talk that she delivered to our Upper Sixth girls.  Reflecting on being happy with your body image gave some excellent food for thought for our students and generated much conversation".

Josephine Lane, Head of Sixth Form.