We chat on the phone and if possible, meet over a quick coffee, to establish the desired objectives and confirm that there is a feeling of comfort; that you feel you would like to be guided by me and I feel I can help you.

We set up a convenient date for your Style and Colour Analyses which last around three hours. This session is relaxed and fun.

Before this meeting, you will be thinking about how your wardrobe is currently, what you love, what you are not fond of, your lifestyle needs, what you would like to achieve. During the session we will determine your bodylines, proportions (done without a tape-measure!), scale and facial impact, your own personal style, and very importantly, your colouring characteristics – the undertones of your skin and therefore which colours flatter you best.

I can take a brief overview of your wardrobe then if you wish, which is helpful if you want to go on a shopping trip soon afterwards. But I can also offer a full wardrobe “Cleanse”, which is followed up with a Wardrobe Report.

Then, if you wish, we go shopping! Prior to that I will have done some research to save us time.

The Colour Analysis is also possible as a separate module, and is often given by people as a gift, or a treat to themselves.

I can travel to you within an hour’s driving radius of Tunbridge Wells, see you at my home in Kent, or meet you in London.

I am also delighted to be able to help you find an outfit for an occasion or an event.

My charges start from £70 for a Colour Analysis, and up to around £400 for a full Style and Colour Analysis, wardrobe overview and shopping trip, depending on requirements.