My clients are coming from different stages in their lives: they may have been busy bringing up children; putting their own needs and style aside to take care of the family.

They may be about to go back into the workplace after taking time-out and want to face the world with confidence and flair.

They may have just lost confidence in the way they look; feel there are bits of them which are not how they were, or feel “old”, “unsexy” or “invisible”.

Perhaps they can’t seem to find what they want when they go shopping for clothes, or have come to the end of a relationship and need to “find” themselves again and re-light their “spark”.

Maybe they need a bit of inspiration, are tired of their wardrobe and need to inject more life into it.

They may need help finding an eye-catching outfit for an event or special occasion.

Or they are just stepping out from education into the working-world and need to make a good first impression!